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universal silicone

200 Contractor Universal Silicone.

Universal Silicone 200 contractors grade acetoxy cure silicone sealant. For general weatherproofing, sanitary and gap sealing applications. Quick curing, mould resistant.

Silicone Eater

Everflex Silicone Eater is a revolutionary new chemical that removes all types of silicone sealant by digesting and breaking up the sealant. Silicone Eater is harmless to most surrounding surfaces and can be used to remove sealant from baths, kitchen worktops, basins, showers, door and window frames.

Silicone Eater
Forever White

Forever White

Forever White is a superior silicone sealant that is permanently waterproof and flexible and ideal for sealing: shower bases and cubicles, wetrooms, around baths, sinks and basins. It is also ideal for use in kitchens and utility rooms and for sealing around window and door frames. With SteriTouch anti-bacterial solution integrated into the manufacturing process, Forever White is guaranteed to stop black mould growth for 10 years.


Everbuild MM70 Ultra Grab, based on next generation hybrid polymer technology is the ultimate high grab adhesive, providing a level of immediate grab strength not previously possible with cartridge packed adhesives. The unique polymer blend used in MM70 Ultra Grab gives incredible initial grab, typically double that of most grab adhesives on the market today, eliminating the need for temporary support in most applications. MM70 Ultra Grab has the ability to bond basically EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in virtually all conditions. Where other adhesives promise to replace Nails and Screws, MM70 Ultra Grab even replaces Nuts & Bolts in many applications.

MM70 Ultra Grab
Hand Held expaning foam

Expanding Foam

Using new foam technology, No Hand Held expanding foam is the first Hand Held Foam that allows part used cans to be saved and used again and has a shelf life of 24 months, compared with 12 months for conventional foams. Its unique safety valve will not clog or leak, guaranteed to work everytime.

The Business Hybrid Polymer

The Business Hybrid Polymer

The Business is a durable universal, flexible hybrid sealant and adhesive that sticks and seals anything to anything. For both internal and external it is completely weather resistant.

Polyurethane FC40

Cromar Alpha Chem Polyurethane FC40 is a single component, fast curing, polyuthane based elastomeric sealant used for joints where a highly elastic strong bond is required, with excellent chemical mechanical and weather resistance.


Polyurethane Wood Adhesive

Aplha Chem, from Cromar, presents a high quality, solvent free, polyurethane wood bonding adhesive suitable for a wide range of internal and external needs.


Alpha Chem high viscosity superglue formulated specifically for bonding a wide range of plastics and rubbers where a fast cure speed is required. Also suitable for bonding wood, paper, leather, metals and other common substrates.

Heavy Duty Gaffa Tape

Ultra High strength, Waterproof, thick and strong fabric.

Cromar Alpha Chem Heavy Duty Sealant Gun C4


Alphachem Professional Foam Gun